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Fall is College Football Time – It’s Not Just for Gnomes!

Okay, I admit to being a HUGE Nebraska Huskers football fan – actually I really enjoy college football more than any other sport (well, there is my fascination with Bellatorre MMA, but that’s for another blog). Go Big Red is my motto – did you notice the big red font on this blog entry? 🙂

Yes, I drive a red Mazda 3 with Huskers license plate frames and a Husker helmet antennae ball. On a side note, it’s getting more and more difficult to find sports-fan antennae balls for vehicles. Since I often joke about living in “SUV land,” the antennae ball helps me more easily locate my littler car in parking lots. But my poor little guy has seen it’s last season – the face guard has broken off the helmet and the bright red N on the side is so sun-faded you’d never know  it had been there. So, if you find a NE Huskers antennae ball, let me know where to order as I will pick up a dozen or so!

But, I digress as the purpose of this blog is gnomes. Yes, I typed that correctly: gnomes. While on FB this morning I saw a side banner ad for and I thought: Really? I kept working on my laptop until I thought about the Huskers opening game and, low and behold, my mind popped back to the gnomes thing. So, their ad worked; I had to check it out. They have gnomes for every sport; you choose College, NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA or just type in your favorite team and go right to it.

I clicked College and then selected my team from the banner listing on the left. Of note, they refer to the Nebraska Cornhuskers, which is the “classic” name as they now prefer or have shortened the team name to just Huskers! A whole page of Nebraska gnomes appears… and what do I realize? Wait for it…    wait for it….

I glance up onto a shelf in my living room and… can you guess? Yes! There sits MY OWN Nebraska Huskers gnome! My sister, bro-in-law and niece (who live in Omaha where we all grew up) sent it to me for Christmas last year!!! Along with the gnome was a variety of Huskers gifts, including a pen my niece added a duct tape flower onto the end and, yes, she used Huskers duct tape 🙂

So, this makes me one of those college football fans who also is a gnomes fan, right? Hmmm… weird. Here’s my  gnome – actually he looks a bit like a Santa Huskers Gnome, doesn’t he?

To get into the Husker spirit, I downloaded on verizonwireless the Husker fight song as my ringtone on my cell phone. Unfortunately, the download didn’t work and worse yet, caused my Messaging to crash and freeze. So, a few days later I went to the Verizon store and the CSR was able to fix it. I asked him how and he said he had no idea what he did so I can’t replicate it if the error happens again – bummer. But he recommended a free download that worked to change my ringtone and every time the  phone rings, it makes me smile! 🙂

Now back to the important stuff: I have a 4-day holiday weekend coming up which includes The Husker season opening with the Wyoming Cowboys riding into Lincoln’s Memorial Stadium this Saturday for the 5 p.m. game (San Diego time). I will don one of the many NE Huskers shirts I own and cheer them on.

Here’s what we do with all those extra sports shirts we simply can’t wear throughout the season (and all the High School football apparel we retired when my son went off to SDSU):

2012-02-17 17.40.24