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Pan Pastels Projects

I recently dug out my Pan Pastels and found this mixed media floral canvas by Donna Downey along with her how-to video “Exploring Mixed Media 2 Highlights” on their website:

mixed-media 2 kit project

Here are my interpretations of this simple yet fun technique:

Three Flowers on Red

Tres Flores en Rojo

Three Flowers on Tissue Paper

Drei Blumen auf das Seidenpapier


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Starve a Cold, Craft for a Fever?

After hoping and praying that the infamous 2+week cold won’t hit me, it has. The usual OTC products make me sick to my stomach so I’ve been using herbals and lots of tea hoping to break a record and not have my cold last as long as everyone else’s. Meanwhile, I’m watching movies on HBO (Battleship just finished and now I’m starting The Lucky One) and eating Nigella Lawson’s Noodle Soup for Needy People with chicken and udon noodles, yum and so soothing.

Picture of Noodle Soup for Needy People Recipe

When the mood moves me, I’ve been working on creating shadowboxes. C’est La Vie is inspired by the Bo Bunny line of the same name and Leaky Shed Studio dress form, Eiffel Tower, and script word “Paris” chipboard pieces highlighted with embossing powder. I added “bloomers” on the top and bottom edge; they were lavender so I sprayed them with Be Mine! Glimmer Mist from Tattered Angels to make them a bit more pink to go with the color theme. And, I added my usual scrabble tiles for the title:

C'est La Vie

C’est La Vie

And my ode to Game Night, inspired by Leaky Shed Studio‘s chess pieces chipboard accented with glossy white and shiny black embossing powder. Both shadowboxes are painted and then covered with strips of painted canvas, reminiscent of the ones my friend Vicky and I made for each other when we were young.

Game Lover - an Ode to Game Night!

Game Lover – an Ode to Game Night!

I love to re-purpose, so here is an example of what used to be an Altoids tin:

A re-purposer walks into a bar….

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You’ve probably all have heard the jokes that start out with, “A _____ (fill in the blank) walks into a bar…” well, our local Trader Joe’s has a line of cereal bars with the same name and this month’s special flavor is wonderful… it’s “a pumpkin walks into a bar.” So, I bought every box on the shelf to take in to the office tomorrow and share with my co-workers.

As an inspired re-purposer, I walk into a bar for a wine tasting and discreetly ask them to save the wine corks for me as I use them in my art. I wish that as a re-purposer, I could walk into a bar and ask them to save the empty bottles for me, but it just doesn’t work that way, so I have been peeling labels off, washing out and keeping glass bottles, mostly Sauv Blanc bottles 🙂  and this weekend I re-purposed them with supplies I had around the house: scrapbook paper, mod podge, mica mixed with white glitter and bakers twine. I did stop by Michaels and picked up large faux gerber daisies, the fall ones are on sale right now for $0.39 each – awesome price. I tore the paper, decided on the color theme based on the glass color and the gerber daisy I selected and 30 minutes later my bottles were drying. After they were done (the smaller ones were glass lemonade bottles), I wrapped color-coordinated bakers twine around them in a variety of methods and here they are:


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