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Suzette, the Survivor Dress Form

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This past weekend, the third weekend of every October, I participated in the annual 24-hour Survivor Crop event in Vista, CA, a community in San Diego’s North County. Survivor Crop is a fundraiser organized  by Camille and Jon Akin (owners of EverAfter Scrapbooks) to benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. There were 100 participants this year, fewer than years prior most likely due to the economic climate. But, we raised $76,200, more than any other year, this being the 12th year of Survivor Crop, and my 10th year participating.  Cropping is cutting and editing photos to focus on the most important part of the picture. We scrapbook, make cards, and do a variety of crafts… sewing, painting, my friend Yvonne was even crocheting an amazing purple cowl scarf for me!

“We survive 24 hours so others can survive.” While we have fun creating our island theme, decorations, costumes, etc. we are also very serious about our fundraising and the cause. Our island has two survivors as participants. My mother was diagnosed with ductal breast cancer at age 80, seven years ago. She, too, is a survivor. All of us participate for someone specific or simply for everyone. We want to find a cure for breast cancer.

We also have Survivor Crop sponsors who provide meals, make-and-take projects, contest prizes, participation thank-you gifts, chair massages, and much more! Prima Marketing provided each “island” with a dress form and paper, stickers and flowers to decorate our “survivor.” Of course, being the creative soul that I am – with a strong desire to stand out – I suggested we paint our dress form black for contrast. We created a paper bustier, complete with rhinestone belt, flowers on the hip and shoulder, and a tulle skirt. She seems oh so French, so we named her Suzette. Suzette, the Survivor. A pink ribbon on top, a ribbon and a string of jewels along the bustline, and a butterfly finish her with panache.  Here, meet Suzette:

Suzette, the Survivor

Each “island” created their own beautiful dress forms. See them here:

Duct tape continues to be a big hit with many, for example in the gold bustier above. The few men hanging around our event were asked to judge and they selected the green butterfly dress form as the winner. We also alter the t-shirts we receive at the event and have our own little Project Runway show. There are contests for page layouts and altered bras. I create an altered bra every year. Last year my “Ultimate i-pad(ded)” bra won 2nd place. I covered a black bra with i-pad icons and a large pink flower in the cleavage. We tend to be a bit irreverent with our creations, altering ideas and materials, but it’s all in good fun and for a good cause. This year the creations included:

Scrabble - the Winner

Scrabble – the Winner

My last attempt this year… if you would like to help, pick a breast cancer non-profit organization and make a donation this month – October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Think Pink!


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