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I am so pleased that Fall has arrived. It is my favorite season. College football on Saturdays, throwing together a quick Black and White Bean Chili with tomatillo salsa and shredded chicken for a quick Sunday dinner, and painting on the balcony singing… wait for it…     wait for it…    singing songs from some of my favorite musical movies! Ha! Ha! Nothing current, but those catchy tunes from my childhood… I must be nostalgic. Dare I say, I was singing ‘Mariah’ from Paint Your Wagon? Clint Eastwood long before he became Dirty Harry or Loose, Lee Marvin, and Jean Seberg.

Another change with the season is that it’s getting darker earlier. It’s 7:30 p.m. now and fully dark. Next thing you know we’ll be turning our clocks back. Checking the calendar though, shows me that Daylight Savings Time doesn’t actually end until the first weekend in November… woo! hoo!

Where was I? Oh, yes, I was painting on the balcony. I worked on donations for the annual fundraiser I participate in every third weekend in October, Survivor Crop. I created a canvas and a shadowbox for the Silent Auction. We spend 24 hours scrapbooking and crafting to raise funds for Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.  This is the 12th year of the event, sponsored by EverAfter Scrapbooks. This is either the 9th or 10th time I’ve participated. I’m at 60% of my fundraisingthermometer-60 goal of $1,000. To learn more about the event visit my personal page here and feel free to make a donation – I’d love the help…. it’s only 4 weeks away!

Here are photos of the shadowbox I created for the Silent Auction.:

And this is the canvas I also created for the Silent Auction:

Yes, it’s a bit too much pink, isn’t it? Reminds me of Pepto Bismol – ha! ha! But it’s a good reminder to thank God for those family and friends touched by breast cancer, like my mom…. still going strong at age 87! It’s also a good reminder to schedule an appointment for our annual mammograms – will schedule mine tomorrow… you too?  ‘Til my next post, take care and Happy Fall, Ya’ll and remember:

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