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Cook for a Cold, Paint for a Fever


Summer colds are the worse. We should get colds when it’s cold, not when it’s warm and sunny and you want to be outside playing in the sun, the grass, the surf, the lake, just outside. My  cold started last week and carried on through the weekend. I found comfort in cooking in my crock pot – let’s just fake it’s winter and imagine it’s cold outside.

I made apple-cinnamon oatmeal with the apples whose skins were starting to crinkle but were still crisp and sweet inside; goodbye peel, hello breakfast. Then, I created chicken soup with udon noodles by adding pearl onions, shelled edemame, freshly sliced mushrooms and bamboo shoots, flavoring it with a splash or two of fish sauce and soy sauce. Served up with either a dash of rice wine vinegar or chirashi hot sauce (or both) – yum! Comfort food. Actually, I made it a bit salty so today I bought a potato and threw large chunks  of it in the dutch oven with the soup and let it simmer the salt away. Now, it’s truly yum!

So, I cooked for my cold and when I got bored with reading or watching movies, I painted. Sunday afternoon I stood outside wearing shorts and a tank top, bare feet soaking up the Southern California sunshine, hair unkempt, a clean face, painting. At the same time I realized that I was sweating, soaking actually. Hmmmm – must be a fever! Keep painting, shower, repeat. Here’s what I created when I felt like crap – actually the act of throwing paint on canvas and creating made me feel better. They are unique one from the other, but that’s probably just my being in a funk, feeling lousy and wanting to feel better.

Snowy Flight

Snowy Flight




2 thoughts on “Cook for a Cold, Paint for a Fever

  1. LOVE the butterfly piece! Maybe you should paint with fevers more often!

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