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Visiting Artists are Such a Summer Treat!

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Dina Wakley visited the San Diego area this past week and presented several art classes at Stamping Details on Midland in Poway.  It is so wonderful immersing yourself in such a learning experience. It is such fun, too, to create with other artists and learn from each other. What a wonderful weekend we had! Check out Dina’s blog “Ponderings

The first three of these pieces I created in Dina’s Silhouettes Class; the last two, I was so inspired, I created that evening. Love these mixed media gals!

The next day I took the Encaustic Tag Class. I have always been fascinated by wax. The summer between 7th and 8th grades, I spent hours in our family’s garage in the Prairie Lane neighborhood of Omaha, NE, creating batik. I had a cheap electric skillet to melt wax, which I bought in blocks, and restaurant-sized plastic mayonnaise jars I stored my Rite Dye in. Paint, dip, hang to dry, repeat with successively darker dye bathes until almost the entire piece of cloth was wax covered. Once dry, I ironed and ironed and ironed the wax away between clean newsprint paper.


To this day, I still have the batik I created from the  image on Todd Rundgren’s Something/Anything album hanging in my bathroom vanity area.

In the second class I took from Dina Wakley, we created a mini book of tags. It is so invigorating to learn new art techniques and work with new materials. I so enjoyed the simple act of stamping and painting through stencils onto tissue paper which we later tore apart and heat waxed onto our tags. This process gives the most translucent effect literally bonding the image onto the tag surface. I think I will need to reach out to my beekeeper/safety consultant friend and get myself a stock of wax to create with! Here are photos of my pages:


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