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Virgin Territory, My First Art Showing

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Today my InBox delivered to me the video from my first art showing, created by videographer, Charles Thi. Being videotaped, and then watching myself and listening to myself on a video,  is about as appealing to me as having a colonoscopy (or actually the prep work required prior to the procedure).

I was invited to participate in the RAW Natural Born Artists Showcase in San Diego. It was a struggle to reconcile my insecurities regarding my artwork with the descriptor “artist.” Bit by bit, day by day, canvas by canvas, I am getting more comfortable with the label. Along with numerous other visual artists, spoken word, musicians, makeup and fashion designers, I displayed my work, sat back and listened to what people had to say about it.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that guys in general like my  newer, more abstract, art, while women prefer my colorful, empowerment-oriented girl art. Besides canvases, I displayed wreaths created from coffee filters or wine corks, shadow boxes based on old record album covers, collaged wine bottles, I also brought along two of the altered bras I have made the last couple of years for Survivor Crop, a fundraiser for Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. in 2010, my design was titled based on our team’s theme that year: “Save the Hooters.” The bra I altered had feathers glued all over each bra cup, shiny good eyes in the center and a beak created from the thong panty that came with the bra I purchased beforehand at WalMart. In 2012, my design, “The Ultimate i-Pad(ded) Bra” won 2nd place at the event. I printed and glazed small iPad icons and glued them all over a black bra. I overheard many of the guys at the art showing say to their friends, “Hey, come look at this bra.” Several even reached out to touch an icon; enough that I thought it would be hilarious next time to hook up a audio or visual response that would appear each time an icon was touched by a more tactile attendee. 🙂

The evening, coordinated by Sara Wilwerding, was a success. I handed out collateral material with my contact information, business cards and even sold several items.

These are pictures taken by photographer Justin Novak:

video image

Here’s the link to the video:


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