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"Wish" by Carla Bange

“Wish” by Carla Bange

I’ve taken the week off for a much-needed stay-cation. On Tuesday, I visited Snooze: An A.M. Eatery in Hillcrest for a yummy breakfast… the advantage of going on a weekday is that the wait isn’t as long as on weekends, only 15-20 minutes. I started with a great bloody mary and from previous visits, I highly recommend the Benny selections (eggs benedict), as well as the Pancake Flight (3 different kinds) and OMG! French Toast… which is aptly named. I asked my server, Monika, what she thought of the sweet potato pancakes and she added one on to my eggs order.  I recommend the sweet potato pancake but with the caramel syrup on the side – because it’s excessively sweet and in this case, less is more.

I ended my breakfast with a photo of Monika, who with her colorful hair and lovely complexion inspired this painting. How weird was it for her when I asked if I could take her photo on my phone so I could “paint” her? Potentially creepy, to be sure, but she was gracious and a bit flattered. She also gave me a tip to check out the art classes on Ray Street, which I plan to do.

I created “Wish” tonight, with Monika’s photo as my inspiration, using watercolor pencil, watercolor pens, pan pastels, acrylic paint and glitter paint on birch plywood. I used a sticker rhinestone for her piercing, the perfect final touch. Thanks Monika, for the wonderful service and the photo!


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