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Glitter Art

I was inspired to use an abundance of glitter on a canvas and, once completed, I love how it looks!


Marah Johnson, Creative Imaginations co-founder, once told me that her children know when she is having a bad day, so they ask her, “Have you glittered anything today, Mom?” I echo that sentiment. I am unwittingly happy when I use glitter in my art. Recently, the blog, Glitter and Unicorns, particularly this post, inspired me to use glitter more fully on canvas! Glitter Art.

I will say that I am not a well-versed photographer and photographing glitter or other glittery items is difficult to say the least. The pink on this piece is actually an amazing light orchid purple color. I am not sure why I take pictures that don’t reveal the true color, particularly since my entire blog is dedicated to that one thing: color!

I would also love someone to explain to me why the silver tinsel glitter surrounding the blue dew drops looks gold in my photo. I am sure this all has to do with the lighting. Would natural, maybe outdoor, lighting prevent this from happening and show the true purple and silver tones? I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Here’s another, larger, version of Constellations. I call this 18×24″ canvas “Fireworks Finale” because it reminds me of the amazing fireworks display we saw on the 4th of July at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. I would say this show was second only to the La Jolla Cove presents… there is nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, as magnificient as seeing fireworks explode right above your head at the sea as you lay on your back on a blanket staring transfixed. You even feel the booms vibrating through the ground beneath you. It is a full sensory experience I highly recommend.

Fireworks Finale


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Pan Pastels Projects

I recently dug out my Pan Pastels and found this mixed media floral canvas by Donna Downey along with her how-to video “Exploring Mixed Media 2 Highlights” on their website:

mixed-media 2 kit project

Here are my interpretations of this simple yet fun technique:

Three Flowers on Red

Tres Flores en Rojo

Three Flowers on Tissue Paper

Drei Blumen auf das Seidenpapier

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Virgin Territory, My First Art Showing

Today my InBox delivered to me the video from my first art showing, created by videographer, Charles Thi. Being videotaped, and then watching myself and listening to myself on a video,  is about as appealing to me as having a colonoscopy (or actually the prep work required prior to the procedure).

I was invited to participate in the RAW Natural Born Artists Showcase in San Diego. It was a struggle to reconcile my insecurities regarding my artwork with the descriptor “artist.” Bit by bit, day by day, canvas by canvas, I am getting more comfortable with the label. Along with numerous other visual artists, spoken word, musicians, makeup and fashion designers, I displayed my work, sat back and listened to what people had to say about it.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that guys in general like my  newer, more abstract, art, while women prefer my colorful, empowerment-oriented girl art. Besides canvases, I displayed wreaths created from coffee filters or wine corks, shadow boxes based on old record album covers, collaged wine bottles, I also brought along two of the altered bras I have made the last couple of years for Survivor Crop, a fundraiser for Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. in 2010, my design was titled based on our team’s theme that year: “Save the Hooters.” The bra I altered had feathers glued all over each bra cup, shiny good eyes in the center and a beak created from the thong panty that came with the bra I purchased beforehand at WalMart. In 2012, my design, “The Ultimate i-Pad(ded) Bra” won 2nd place at the event. I printed and glazed small iPad icons and glued them all over a black bra. I overheard many of the guys at the art showing say to their friends, “Hey, come look at this bra.” Several even reached out to touch an icon; enough that I thought it would be hilarious next time to hook up a audio or visual response that would appear each time an icon was touched by a more tactile attendee. 🙂

The evening, coordinated by Sara Wilwerding, was a success. I handed out collateral material with my contact information, business cards and even sold several items.

These are pictures taken by photographer Justin Novak:

video image

Here’s the link to the video:

A Colorful Subject

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"Wish" by Carla Bange

“Wish” by Carla Bange

I’ve taken the week off for a much-needed stay-cation. On Tuesday, I visited Snooze: An A.M. Eatery in Hillcrest for a yummy breakfast… the advantage of going on a weekday is that the wait isn’t as long as on weekends, only 15-20 minutes. I started with a great bloody mary and from previous visits, I highly recommend the Benny selections (eggs benedict), as well as the Pancake Flight (3 different kinds) and OMG! French Toast… which is aptly named. I asked my server, Monika, what she thought of the sweet potato pancakes and she added one on to my eggs order.  I recommend the sweet potato pancake but with the caramel syrup on the side – because it’s excessively sweet and in this case, less is more.

I ended my breakfast with a photo of Monika, who with her colorful hair and lovely complexion inspired this painting. How weird was it for her when I asked if I could take her photo on my phone so I could “paint” her? Potentially creepy, to be sure, but she was gracious and a bit flattered. She also gave me a tip to check out the art classes on Ray Street, which I plan to do.

I created “Wish” tonight, with Monika’s photo as my inspiration, using watercolor pencil, watercolor pens, pan pastels, acrylic paint and glitter paint on birch plywood. I used a sticker rhinestone for her piercing, the perfect final touch. Thanks Monika, for the wonderful service and the photo!

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