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Coming Face-to-Face with the Public Critique

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This coming Thursday, courage in place, I will show my art for the first time publicly. Sharing my work on-line allows me to retain some semblance of anonymity. This event, however, will put me directly in the line of fire, so to speak, with the public and all of their comments and critiques.

Sara, from RAW: Natural Born Artists, found my work in my Etsy Shop: Carla’s Craft. Looking at the profiles of the other artists is, well, intimidating, to say the least. Check them out at

Now, I am trying to convince at least 20 people I know to purchase an advance-priced ticket to the event, not to mention be willing to see them at the event and watch them see my art up close.  To add to the potential stress, I go back and forth as to which pieces to take with me to the artist showcase.

Faced with a 10-foot long by 6-foot tall free-standing chain link fence, S-hooks, zip ties, and a couple of clip lights, should I display my girl art with their brightly colored canvases and empowering phrases? My cool coffee-filter wreath, I think the lime green one would look good at the show, and/or my fleur wooden crate with six collaged glass bottles, baker’s twine and gerber daisies curved to flow welcomingly out of the top? My 3-D still life flowers, path to the beach, the newer girl art with facial features and head-shots only? Or my latest Beach Triptych:

Beach Triptych

Beach Triptych

Then there are the photos printed on gatorboard of many of my textured, dimensional, collage canvases. Having canvases reprinted allows me to sell multiples of the same piece while retaining the original. Or selling the original canvas while keeping the gatorboard-mounted photographs in their place.

So, here I am, faced with decisions, decisions, decisions… and to follow the great Steve Jobs’ advice: “Don’t let the noise of others peoples opinions drown out your inner voice.” I will face the critique and be stronger for it.


One thought on “Coming Face-to-Face with the Public Critique

  1. Have faith! Nobody who counts in your life wants anything less than you doing well! The world is not as harsh as you anticipate. Besides, who cares – you like what you do and you won’t stop – don’t let “other people” bother you so much! You have a show – you will do fine and have many more shows. This is not a do or die moment! Relax and enjoy it – you have come this far and you will go farther.

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