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The Four Agreements Collage

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My latest art project started one Saturday night after a day of creating art with 18 amazing women at Studio Crescendoh in Santa Ana. I was so inspired that day by Mixed Media Artist Christy Tomlinson (of “She Art” fame) and all of the other ladies that I returned to my hotel and developed the backgrouSinds for eight small canvases. I had a new product, Gelates dimensional paint from Art Anthology, I wanted to try… I love the thick whipped consistency of this paint and, of course, the glitter, shimmer and shine in the vibrant colors. I literally used my fingers at some points just dipping them directly into the bottle and rubbing the color onto my canvases!

These canvas backgrounds were created from 6×6 paper pads color-coordinated with the paints to create it’s own individual color theme, much like a rainbow of colors. After our 2-day workshop, I packed the mini canvases up in a Bath & Body Works gingham handle bag and put them in the color of my work area. Last weekend, I organized my work area and came across the bag of 8 and decided it was time to finish this project. The rainbow theme brought to mind a couple who had been begging, this had gone beyond subtle suggestions, for their own canvas art from me. With them in mind, and my recent re-reading of don Miguel Ruiz’ The Four Agreements, I went to work creating a piece to represent these four wonderful guidelines for life: Be impeccable with your word, Don’t take anything personally, Don’t make assumptions and Always do your best. Simple, straight-forward, yet they definitely take some work to follow consistently. I, personally, struggle with the second one: Don’t take anything personally. Working for a large defense company, it’s best to follow this guideline and remember you’re just another cog in the wheel, easily replaced and forgotten. The third agreement parallels one of my mantras – come from a point of inquiry. If we stop making assumptions, which are more often than not off base, and ask questions, we can prevent so many of the communication conflicts that occur in our relationships with others.

Here’s the final collage:

The Four Agreements Collage - eight various sized canvases working together

The Four Agreements Collage – eight various sized canvases working together


One thought on “The Four Agreements Collage

  1. Thank you, this was encouraging ! Love the final piece.

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