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My Fascination with Personalization

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Maybe if I’d been given a more common name, my fascination with all things personalized would never have taken root. As it was, I rarely found any personalized items with the name Carla on them. Over more recent years, either more “junk” things are made or marketed, or my first name is a bit more common. Yet, I have to admit to still being tickled when I see something with my name on it.

Over the years, I think I’ve bought a coffee mug at Six Flags and a keychain with my name personalized on it.

So imagine my delight when driving through Rancho Sante Fe, I look up and catch this street sign:


Woo hoo! I’m a Rock Star, I found a street with my name! Woo hoo! I’m a Rock Star!

I believe Calle translates from Spanish to the word “Street” or something close to it. So, I have a street with my name (in one of the most wealthy zip codes in Southern California no less!).


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