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A couple of weekends past, a group of us got together to create Vision Boards on 18×24″ canvases. It was interesting to look back at last year’s board and see what, if anything, I accomplished! I had included travel as one of my visions for 2012 but I must’ve needed to be a bit more specific because the only travelling I did was to Adelanto in the High Desert for work… not exactly what I had in mind! This year, I’m thinking beaches…

I also saw on last year’s board a pair of gym shoes and I did join Chuze Fitness last summer, but haven’t been back since October – oops… need to get that back on my New Years Intentions list! This year’s Vision Board is in stark contrast to last year’s attempt. While last year I had planned, prepared, and printed everything I wanted to include on my board, this year I was more in the moment, more free with my expression… and I love it!

2013 Vision Board

2013 Vision Board

I used torn pieces of brightly colored and patterned tissue paper from gift wrap, shoe boxes, even the Brighton bag has white and black rose patterns on their tissue paper. I also used torn pieces of paper towels I use to protect surfaces of soak up Glimmer Mist, Glam and paint from previous projects. Once it was all Mod-Podge’d on, the texture was wonderful. I then added paint with stencils and mixed modeling paste and glass beads with paint to force through stencils with a stippling brush. Lastly, I added my favorite rubber stamped images with stamp pad ink.

Wonder what the 24 represents? I participate in a 24-hour fundraiser for Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation every October and much of my proceeds from canvas workshops and sales goes into my fundraising efforts.


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