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Okay, I am willing to admit it here first… I just am not a “cutesy” kind of person. Particularly when it comes to my art. I enjoy learning new techniques from other artists when they visit local stores and from online artist video workshops, but I just don’t love the things I create when they are intended to be “cute.” They are just that, cute. Or to quote artist Christy Tomlinson, sometimes they are “stinking cute!”

Still, cute  simply isn’t me. I am not “cute” – I am a big, often loud, sometimes klutzy woman. I sometimes get annoyed at people easily; the other night while dining out, a young waiter referred to my son as Sir and me as Miss and Sweetie. Shouldn’t I be Ma’am? I am the one paying the bill (and leaving his tip). On the other hand, I am trying to be a more compassionate person… it sometimes takes work. My New Years Resolution is to be less sarcastic (not quit altogether, because I am a realist, just to be more aware of it and aware of the damage it has on my team at work). I’ll write more about my philosophy “The New 3 R’s” in a future blog.

Back to “cute art”… I do get joy out of seeing these character canvases I’ve made, but am not sure I feel proud of my cute art. It certainly makes me smile, whether my creation or another’s, but it doesn’t express me; I don’t relate to this kind of art on a personal level. (I’m not even sure that what I’m writing here makes any sense!) I guess I prefer more chaotic art; more texture (lots and lots of layers, many hidden and known only to me) and more opportunity for the viewer to interpret as they will.

Nevertheless, here are my three little creatures I created Sunday (I do so love ‘all art’ days… painted in my pj’s!): Lucky, the North Pole Owl; Franny, the Fox; and A Mother’s Love… they are holiday gifts for my friend Lorein, her daughter Natalie and little Lincoln.


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