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Validating a Friend

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Mary with her birthday gift

Mary with her birthday gift

I’m on our second month of My Crazy Life Workshop, an online art and personal values exploration with Art McCracken.  This month’s theme is Validation and we were asked to create a canvas to validate someone in our lives. I chose my friend Mary Berney, Life Quest Coach and Trainer. Mary recently made the decision to leave a job that was making her miserable and focus on her passion, helping couples improve their relationships and communication skills.  We, including Mary, were so relieved she was done with that crazy company and its led her back to focusing on her coaching and what she does best: helping others.

Known for creating “The Dating Cafe” (San Diego’s popular gourmet dating experience) and her intuitive ability to help individuals create phenomenal relationships! She is author of Attracting the Right Person into Your Life and her current relationship is proof positive that her coaching works. Her current coaching includes: Let’s Meet on Pluto! Communication Skills for Men and Women, so I included that as the canvas heading. Mary supports 5 relationship fundamentals which I’ve included on her canvas. She has done great work, helps others and survived a wild roller-coaster-type year. I am spent Sunday with her, starting with a nice breakfast, and a day making cards. I so enjoyed gifting her with this canvas. I truly want her to know how proud I am of her and the work she does.

The background of Mary's canvas

The background of Mary’s canvas

2012-11-24 22.08.40


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