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Still Life 3-D

Still Life Flowers in Vase

Still Life Flowers in Vase

My neighbor and I wondered while this mirror sat atop our mail boxes for a couple of days when we finally decided that it was left as trash; so, being the re-purposer that I have become, I took it to make into a “painting.” We realized it was very heavy and that it was not simply a framed mirror but the mirrored front to a medicine cabinet. My friend doubted that I could convert it into “art,” but I had this vision of a still life vase of flowers, much like the beach scene created on an old bulletin board (see previous post titled “Changing Directions”) and made it come alive in 3-D form.

To create this mixed media canvas, I sprayed it all with cool toned spray paint, green and blue, and then covered that with silver spray paint. Then, I painted flowers on using acrylic paint and foam stamps, brushes and even my fingers. I glued flowers from the Michaels fall floral sale and worked on the vase. I used the inside of a cardboard protector sheet from a scrapbook package, ripped off the top layer of cardboard, cut and colored it with glimmer mist spray and gold acrylic paint. I molded the vase around large bubble wrap to add dimension and glued it on over the floral stems. I added gold punchinello (sequin waste) cut in strips and a gold-bronze ribbon and bow.

I have to say that the final project is much better than I had hoped and imagined. Now I’m focusing on what’s next?


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Art-lifting 101

To create, I often “art-lift” ideas from others or take workshops online and in-stores to learn new techniques and  try my hand with new products.  I subscribe to the Scarlet Lime mixed media monthly kit, which I so enjoy receiving. Christy Tomlinson, on her blog, shares her ideas for using the products in her Behind the Art pages. Here are Christy’s September and October kits as completed projects:

Shown about, this is September’s project and the link:                   and my finished project:

Little Houses – My version of the September mixed media kit project

Yes, mine is a “darker’ version, more jewel tones than brights like Christy loves. Here is Christy’s October canvas:

and the link to the video tutorial:      Here’s my take, oddly enough, it’s lighter than Christy’s brights version but I love the colors and how well it blends, plus my message is “she loves her life”:

Fun Flowers - my version of the October mixed media kit project

Fun Flowers – my version of the October mixed media kit project

A re-purposer walks into a bar….

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You’ve probably all have heard the jokes that start out with, “A _____ (fill in the blank) walks into a bar…” well, our local Trader Joe’s has a line of cereal bars with the same name and this month’s special flavor is wonderful… it’s “a pumpkin walks into a bar.” So, I bought every box on the shelf to take in to the office tomorrow and share with my co-workers.

As an inspired re-purposer, I walk into a bar for a wine tasting and discreetly ask them to save the wine corks for me as I use them in my art. I wish that as a re-purposer, I could walk into a bar and ask them to save the empty bottles for me, but it just doesn’t work that way, so I have been peeling labels off, washing out and keeping glass bottles, mostly Sauv Blanc bottles 🙂  and this weekend I re-purposed them with supplies I had around the house: scrapbook paper, mod podge, mica mixed with white glitter and bakers twine. I did stop by Michaels and picked up large faux gerber daisies, the fall ones are on sale right now for $0.39 each – awesome price. I tore the paper, decided on the color theme based on the glass color and the gerber daisy I selected and 30 minutes later my bottles were drying. After they were done (the smaller ones were glass lemonade bottles), I wrapped color-coordinated bakers twine around them in a variety of methods and here they are:


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