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Changing directions


Walk towards the beach

I love to re-purpose. I’ve even asked my son to be responsible for letting me know if I ever get to a point that I look like one of those hoarders on the organizing TV shows.  After attending a recent artist reception, I was inspired to re-purpose two bulletin boards I stored in the garage to give to the Goodwill. With spray paint cans in hand, I started this change in direction with my art.

I added paint, paper, glitter, embellishments, etc..  until the mixed media painting I envisioned became a reality. Let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Changing directions

  1. Carla, There are so many things I like about this project – this idea – this work of art. Let me begin with the obvious. The repurposing is inspirational! I totally get the hoarding reference, and I appreciate not throwing “everything” out with the bathwater. We all saw our parents get rid of so much of our youth, that we often tend to hang on to things in our adulthood. Secondly, I love the way I can look at this piece and actually feel like I’m looking at the simple movement of a ripple in the water. The textures are incredible, and the little signs are a wonderful added touch. I hadn’t noticed the hidden “bottle?” in the lower right corner at first. So much to look at. Nice work!

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