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Sisters… sisters… there were never more adoring sisters!

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One of my favorite holiday movies is White Christmas circa1954 starring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney (yes, George’s Aunt), and Vera Ellen. I love all the song and dance and delight seeing it every holiday season!

My younger sister, Paula, and I loved to sing Irving Berlin’s “Sisters” song. We thought it was so fun – particularly when Bing and Danny spoof it up and lipsync to the song while the ladies slip out a back window evading the local sheriff.

Well, here’s to Jenna, Lauren and Kimberly, sisters depicted in a canvas I made for two of my co-workers (Sue and Lisa) to gift Jenna with at her bridal shower last weekend. How sweet is it that they posed just like the ladies on the canvas? just reinforces that I got it right! I’m so pleased everyone is happy with my work.

The bride-to-be, Jenna, and her sisters, Kimberly and Lauren, mimic the poses from the 12×12 canvas created for Jenna’s bridal shower as a gift from my co-workers, Lisa and Sue.


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