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Tonight, I enjoyed the Rancho Bernardo Inn’s Artist Reception. My friend, Pam, who’s Studio 54 Designs are amazing jewelry: bracelets, earrings, necklaces, invited me. She introduced me to artist Cathy Cooper Scott, who’s husband James is a hoot! Cathy’s art was on display and she sold several pieces. She works with oils and spray paint (!) on canvas, mirror, glass and one of her designs was on an inverted old white board… so clever!

I asked her about the use of spray paint because I had never considered it for my mixed media (until I saw Cathy’s work). It adds shine and depth; I love the thick texture and amazing color of her art. Her website is:

I would love to be included in a future Artists Reception. My art is just so different; I still have difficulty reconciling my creations with my preconceived idea of “art”.

“Her sisters help make every day a celebration” – 12×12″ mixed media canvas by Carla Bange, October 2012

Here is my latest creation:

I made this piece for two of my co-workers as a bridal shower gift. They both know the bride, Jenna, and her sisters Lauren (left) and Kimberly (center). The wedding is next month. With a photo of the sisters and a color copy of the wedding invitation (turquoise and deep orange colors), I let my imagination free.

I am tickled by the gown flowing off the bottom edge of the canvas and since the sisters are all tall, it just seemed fitting to have all the legs “dangling,” too. What a joy to see the expressions on Lisa’s and Sue’s faces, my co-workers, when they saw the finished project. I get so nervous with commissions, worrying that they won’t like it, that I didn’t get it right, but as far as I know, I have pleased every client.


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