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Surviving 24 hours so others can survive – priceless!

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“Surviving 24 hours so others can survive: priceless!” – 12×12″ mixed media canvas by Carla Bange, for Survivor Crop Silent Auction, supporting the San Diego Affiliate of Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, October 2012

This month, I spend time with friends at Survivor Crop, a 24-hour scrapbooking fundraiser for breast cancer research. I’ve made the canvas above and another for the Silent Auction.

Fundraising this year has been diffucult with the lousy economic situation. Half of our group of 10 opted not to join us due to financial constraints. Two of the participating 5 are breast cancer survivors, there every year, no matter what. It is a joy to see them happy and healthy each year. Here is a link to my personal page:


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