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Dinner and a Movie

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“Some of her favorite memories are dinner and a movie with friends” – 36×48″ mixed media canvas by Carla Bange, September 2012

I wanted to try creating a larger mixed media canvas. “Dinner and a Movie” is 36″ x 48″. The background started with black gesso on canvas. I added navy, deep violet, dark green and gunmetal grey in textures but didn’t like the effect, so I blended it all together and … Joy! I used white gesso for the movie screen and then splashes of silver. Using a brown oil-based Sharpie paint pen, I told my story of how movies have been such an integral part of my life – from throwing on our pajamas and jumping into the back of the station wagon for a double-header at the drive-in to the classy Indian Hills theatre in Omaha, watching the last movie I remember having an Intermission (The Color Purple). I added my girls (busts only), snacks and the burgundy curtain and voila! I love it… Bigger IS better!


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