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Dinner and a Movie


“Some of her favorite memories are dinner and a movie with friends” – 36×48″ mixed media canvas by Carla Bange, September 2012

I wanted to try creating a larger mixed media canvas. “Dinner and a Movie” is 36″ x 48″. The background started with black gesso on canvas. I added navy, deep violet, dark green and gunmetal grey in textures but didn’t like the effect, so I blended it all together and … Joy! I used white gesso for the movie screen and then splashes of silver. Using a brown oil-based Sharpie paint pen, I told my story of how movies have been such an integral part of my life – from throwing on our pajamas and jumping into the back of the station wagon for a double-header at the drive-in to the classy Indian Hills theatre in Omaha, watching the last movie I remember having an Intermission (The Color Purple). I added my girls (busts only), snacks and the burgundy curtain and voila! I love it… Bigger IS better!


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Halfway thru My Vacation… Concert by the Bay

Listened to Steely Damned, a Steely Dan tribute band, this evening outdoors at Humphreys on the Bay with friends. Great food, ideal venue, end of summer bash for only $20! Will make this an annual event going forward.

Blurry foto from my phone… Or blurry because of adult beverages consumed!


This is what happens when you try to take a photo using your mobile phone after a couple of glasses of wine on a summer evening!

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Celebrating Labor Day with Minimal Labor

Made Janie’s version of fish tacos today – simple, tasty with minimal labor. Orange roughy from Trader Joe’s, garlic sauce from Aladdin, parmesan, garlic naan bread, shredded cabbage and shredded cheddar. Spread garlic sauce on top of fish and sprinkle with parmesan. Broil the fish until cooked through. Spread more garlic sauce on warm naan bread, top with cabbage, cheddar and fish. Fold in half or serve open-faced. Having a good quality garlic sauce is the key.


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On my 4th Day of Vacation…. celebrating a first birthday

Talk about powering my soul…. today our two rescue kittens, Tippy and Leah, turn one year old. They were saved by Judi and Rescue House who coordinates pet adoptions with Petco. Our girls were at the Mira Mesa Petco store being cared for by Becky, store associates, and a crew of other volunteers.

Tippy (black face with white tipped tail) and Leah (white face)

Tippy and Leah are often found cuddling together or wrassling. They chase each other all over the house, bat at my toes in the morning when they hang off the edge of the bed, and love to chew on plastic (I think it’s the noise they enjoy).

We have a 14-year old black and white tuxedo (long hair) male, named Rafe. He had a brother, Jax, who had kidney failure requiring daily “watering” (IV fluids) for a couple of years.  Jax passed a year ago now. Rafe tolerates Tippy but routinely hisses at Leah. Leah takes it all in stride and appears un-phased. I’m just waiting for the day that Leah gets tired of it and swats at Rafe (who is de-clawed).

Tippy has gotten fat since we brought her home in February! She has a big belly and loves to have it scratched. Leah is our adventurer…. she loves to climb on everything, everywhere. If we aren’t watching and leave  the door into the garage open, she goes exploring however she has not yet tried to get out of the garage altogether. Like true siblings, Tippy and Leah have that love-me-now-leave-me-alone type relationship.

Leah is a bit skittish but loves to cuddle in the early morning hours. She hops up on my bed and head-butts me to wake me up. Then she starts purring so loudly and she and I touch noses…. I call them *kisses*. Then she likes to curl up next to my thigh and nap. Tippy’s meow is squeaky-chirpy and I wonder whether it will ever evolve into a true meow.

Neither of the girls likes to be held. Clipping claws continues to be challenge with both – we usually get 2-3 clipped at a time and come back later to finish.

Birthday girls love the new purple deep shag bath contour rug

As you can see from this photo, they love the new bath contour rug I bought this week at Kohl’s and  were caught napping on it today. Many thanks to those who rescue and take such good care of little ones like our girls and allowing us to bring them into our home.

Go adopt a pet today!

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On my 3rd Day of Vacation

A friend and I escaped to San Juan Capistrano today.
We had an unhurried lunch at L’Hondrielle before wandering in to the Basilica Chapel while the organist was prepping for an upcoming mass. It was awe-inspiring and so very peaceful. Then we toured the Mission, learning a bit of early California history and about 8 varieties of swallows.

The lily pond with koi was lovely.



My grandparents, on my mother’s side, were married at the Mission. My grandmother painted with oils and captured the view of the arches


which used to be stucco covered and whitewashed but have been restored to the original brick. The bells are old but rang clear at noon. History and tradition has a way of grounding us like not much else.