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The 12 Days of Vacation

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Today starts my first of 12 days of vacation…
vacation from my “day” job that is. I am planning a few days away as R&R, planning to focus on me, as well as get a few odd jobs done. One of my recruiters thinks it’s pitiful that I take vacation time to do housework… So, maybe I’m not the only one?

Over the 4th of July, I moved everything out of my bedroom and had Stanley Steemer do the carpets including the walk-in closet. I thought it would be fun to set up the bed in the living room and be able to watch TV from the bed… like when we were kids and piled on mom and dad’s bed to watch Laugh-In or Sonny and Cher! The reality was that I missed my ceiling fan (creature of comfort that I am) and could not wait to move back in to the bedroom. The clean carpets were lovely though, so worth the extra work.

Along that vein, I cleaned the frig last night… long overdue and made me feel great! This morning, I had the tires rotated, balanced and aligned and Express Tire handled it quickly, so I was off to the gym. Now I am at the carwash thinking I might actually finish my entire to-do list on Day 1 and really have time for painting (on canvas not interior/exterior), sunning and swimming, reading and going to the movies, lunches and day trips with friends.


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